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Client Portal

Our Client Portal – your security questions answered

What is a Client Portal?


A client portal is a secure encrypted area on the internet (sometimes referred to as being “in the Cloud”) where you can work with us more closely and efficiently. It includes an area for you to upload files to us, and for us to send you files and documents. Unlike many other similar facilities, however, there is personalised messaging built in too, enabling us to communicate about those documents and files in context.

Where there are documents needing your approval, we can use the Client Portal to upload the documents for you to review, wherever you are in the world, and to approve those documents electronically, cutting postage costs for both of us and improving efficiency and turnaround times.


How can I be sure my data is safe?


Your data will be encrypted using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard which is the highest available military grade encryption. Asymmetric key encryption will be undertaken using two separate encryption keys held in separate locations to maximise security.

Over this is then laid the independent Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) certification provided by Symantec which you will be familiar with from interaction with internet banking and other secure websites. SSL certification will also provide you with visible reassurance by way of the closed padlock and https web site address reassuring you that the website is secure and trusted.


What about secure login?


When we first enable your client portal, you will receive an email from inviting you to activate your client portal. Please do not respond to the email as it is not monitored. Instead, please click the activation link within the email, and this will take you to an activation page for your portal.


We will provide you with an activation ID code for you to enter as authentication, after which you will be able to set your own password. While we have set the minimum security requirements in terms of length and complexity of passwords, you can make yours as complex as you deem appropriate. No record of your password will be held by us.

If you forget your password you will be able to request that it is reset – the activation ID mentioned above will be needed again in such a case. As with all passwords, do not tell anyone or write it down, to protect the security of your portal.

If you would like any more information or want to get in contact with a member of staff please give us a call on 01273 562563 or use our contact form by clicking on the link below.

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